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Planning and Styling Hire FAQS

We love playing a part in helping to create the perfect event that reflects your style and vision. If you'd prefer to run your own show, you can dry hire from our furniture and decor range, or if you need some assistance, we offer different planning, styling and coordination packages to suit your needs.


How do I know which service is right for me?

Choosing between Full Wedding Coordination and On-the-Day Coordination depends on your individual needs and preferences. We recommend discussing your vision, budget, and timeline with us during a consultation. We'll help you determine which service suits your requirements best and provide a tailored package accordingly.

What is the typical timeline for wedding planning, and when should I start the process?

To make the most of booking our Full Wedding Planning Service you should consider booking this not long after you get engaged. 

If you would instead like to coordinate some of the pre wedding planning and engage your own vendors then our On the Day Coordination package can be started from only 8 weeks prior to your event.  However, to gain the most from this option and to lean on us with planning questions along the way you can book this from up to 12 months in advance. 


Can you help us find and book vendors for our wedding?

Absolutely! Our Full Wedding Coordination service includes vendor recommendations, negotiations, and booking management. We have an extensive network of trusted vendors to ensure you have the best options for your budget and style. With On-the-Day Coordination, we provide vendor coordination to ensure all your chosen vendors deliver as expected on your wedding day.

I’m not planning a wedding, can you still help me?

We can assist with any event, ask for our help with your engagement party, birthday, corporate event, baby shower, commitment ceremony.


Do you take full control of the entire event?

We like to take a collaborative approach to weddings ensuring that we are able to create the event that you are dreaming of while also utilising our event planning expertise. This means that your level of involvement is entirely up to you.  We work hard to ensure that your wedding reflects your personal style and preferences so even when we provide recommendations and options, you’ll have the final say.


Still have questions?

We love to work with our clients and can tailor a package specifically for your needs, so if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our enquiries page. 


Can I hire furniture if I'm not having Sorella cater my event?

Absolutely, we offer a dry hire service for furniture items and glassware only


Is there a minimum spending requirement?

The minimum order amount is $500.00 plus associated delivery costs for basic furniture and event hire - drop-off only.

For events requiring our services beyond that, including set-up and pack-down our minimum spend is $1,000.00. This amount can be a combination of labor, delivery, furniture and styling/decor items.


Is delivery and labor included in the dry hire price?

Our delivery costs are determined by various factors and cannot be provided upfront. These factors include distance to the event space/venue, loading/unloading time, quantity of items, venue limitations and bump-in/out timeframes. We strive to make delivery and labor fees as affordable as possible. When we have the details of your event we can provide you delivery costs


What's the difference between transport/delivery and bump-in/bump-out?

Transport Delivery & Collection costs cover travel expenses (vehicles, fuel, tolls, distance, and drivers). Bump In & Out Costs encompass our team's labour, on-site time, loading, and unloading. This cost can vary based on venue requirements, late-night needs, and availability.


Are there any additional costs for holidays, Sundays, or late pack-downs?

Due to higher wage costs for public holidays, Sundays, or late night pack-downs an additional surcharge of $150.00 will be incurred for standard set-ups. Larger bookings may have higher rates, please enquire within. 


Do you charge any fees for cleaning? 

All dry hires incur a minimum $70.00 for Cleaning, Maintenance & Handling. This includes glassware. This fee may be evaluated if the number and nature of items wishing to be hired is deemed to be in excess of this amount. 

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